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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Injured Employee's Basic Rights

Many times when I meet someone and they learn that I’m a Kansas City work comp lawyer, they ask, “Well, what should I do if I ever get hurt at work?” Of course, my first response is “Call The Dickson Law Firm!” Short of calling us, here are some basic things you need to know if you are hurt on the job:

1.      Immediately report all work related injuries because there are strict time limitations.
2.       Immediately request treatment from your employer.
3.       Clearly describe the work injury to your doctor. Also, fully detail all of your symptoms.
4.       Understand that the insurance company, its adjusters, and/or attorney are NOT on your side.
5.       Do NOT give a recorded statement.
6.       Expect the insurance company to put you under surveillance. (They are almost always in vans –either mini-vans or fake work vans – with tinted windows).
7.       File a Claim for Compensation as soon as possible because, like the Notice requirement (#1), there are strict time limitations.
8.     The insurance company’s doctor’s ratings are usually low and you can almost always settle for a much higher percentage of disability, especially if you have an experienced lawyer.
 9.  You have a right to consult with a lawyer. The Dickson Law Firm always offers free consultations and we never take a fee off of the amount of a settlement offer that has already been presented to you. We usually get our client’s about double of what the insurance company was going to pay before our representation. You will be happy if you call us before you settle.

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